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Candace Cameron
'ANTM' All-Stars Episode 5: Hold on tight, kids
'ANTM' All-Stars Episode 5: Hold on tight, kids

What's better than one Kardashian sister? Three of them. And what's better than one screwed-up famous family? Two! Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian made let the girls model their new clothing line — on a carousel, no less — and La Toya Jackson made sure everyone knew who her brother was and that he was about "love and expression" when they did a photo shoot embodying Michael through the ages. There was an abundance of awkward moments, giant egos and a huge "Top Model" shocker at the end. Intrigued? Here's what happened: SPOILERS AHEAD! Bianca against everybody ever In case you hadn't heard, Bianca is the best model in the history of...