Bryce Johnson

'Glee' recap, 'Previously Unaired Christmas'

'Glee' recap, 'Previously Unaired Christmas'

“Hello, I’m America’s Jane Lynch,” Jane Lynch says as she snaps a heavy duty cleaning glove on her left hand to stick coal in the stockings of Cloris Leachman, Meryl Streep, Melissa McCarthy and Edie Falco.

She explains to the viewers that Fox had taped a Christmas special in 2012 titled “Rough Trade Santa,” but it was entirely too inappropriate to air, so it sat in the vault. Until tonight.

We’ll never get to see the original episode. An episode which contained the answers as to why Blaine Anderson is obsessed with yule logs and why Will Schuester decided to abandon all of his Washington, D.C., dreams to come back to New Directions.

Something else isn’t explained,...