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Brandon Routh

Lacrosse film has a hook, but could dig deeper

Lacrosse film has a hook, but could dig deeper

The moviemakers behind "Crooked Arrows" take square aim at making a "Mighty Ducks with lacrosse." Is it fair to say a film hits the bull's-eye when the target is so easy? You wish this movie had focused on its fresh material about lacrosse's Native American roots and ditched its dark-horse cliches.

Screenwriters Todd Baird and Brad Riddell bank that familiarity will breed affection rather than contempt. They adhere so strictly to the teen-sports genre that audiences can predict every turn as the struggling team from the Sunaquot reservation in upstate New York (a fictional seventh part of the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois, Nations) competes against ace squads from...