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Everyman Theatre ensnares with sizzling revival of 'Deathtrap'
Everyman Theatre ensnares with sizzling revival of 'Deathtrap'

Ah, Christmastime, when the nippy air is filled with heartwarming thoughts of family, friends and cold-blooded murder. Thanks, Everyman Theatre, for providing the perfect anti-holiday entertainment — a revival of Ira Levin's good old-fashioned thriller "Deathtrap." This dose of duplicity, violence, nefariousness and more violence may just be the best spirit-lifter to come along this season. Stick with all the usual feel-good fare, if you must (you really need to watch "Miracle on 34th Street" again?), but promise you'll catch up later with the show, which runs a couple weeks into the New Year. Everyone else can make a beeline for Fayette Street now...