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Bozo the Clown (fictional character)
History Matters: Truck driver jumps to the aid of distressed woman in 1936

100 Years Ago Trusted home "Mrs. Frances Fogarty of N. Calvert St. Baltimore, visited her grandmother Mrs. John Cole during the past week. Mrs. Charles G. Summers Sr. have closed their summer home, "Trusty Friend Farms" and are occupying their apartments at Bristol, Eutaw Place, Baltimore." 75 Years Ago Falling chivalry A national news section brief in the Times: "A brave truck driver, name unknown, saw a lady with a difficult name, Mrs. Anastasia Adeuszkuus, hanging from the ledge of a 2nd story in Jersey City. Rushing to help, he caught her in his arms as she fell, then left wanting no praise. He makes up for men that do not give their seats up to...