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Bill Maher

Complaints about the 'normalization' of Trump are hypocritical

Complaints about the 'normalization' of Trump are hypocritical

The war on normalization has begun.

"The media is starting to normalize Donald Trump, and it should make you very scared," proclaims a headline at Salon. HBO's haughty in-house mocker, John Oliver, says, "Optimism is nice if you can swing it, but you've got to be careful, because it can feed into the normalization of Donald Trump — and he's not normal."

There is scads more of this stuff, but I have two points to make, so let's keep moving.

The first point is not particularly new, but it's important to the handful of us with the sacred right to say, "I told you so."

Or put another way: Where the hell were you people before? Throughout...