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Ben Foster

Ushering in the bright lights of 'Heights'; Premiere: A teen-ager plays an important role in last night's festivities as 'Liberty Heights,' the latest movie from Baltimorean Barry Levinson, opens at the Senator Theatre.

The kid is nervous. He's totally lost, his mind full of "what ifs?" and "what abouts?"

He's never been to a movie premiere, never had to hold the door for the Hollywood crowd, never had to find his place among doctors, lawyers and society insiders milling around inside the Senator Theatre lobby.

He's just an usher. It's an anonymous kind of job, low-key and low-stress. Somehow he ended up at the door for last night's world premiere of "Liberty Heights." Somehow he got picked to wear the oversized burgundy doorman's jacket, complete with matching hat, white shirt and black bow-tie.

He listens intently as his boss tells him how to open the...