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Ariel Winter

Baltimore designer fits right in with 'Modern Family' star

Baltimore designer fits right in with 'Modern Family' star

Natalie Graham's first meeting a year ago with "Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter could have been a disaster.

Graham, owner of The Doll House, a Mount Vernon boutique featuring Graham's Ragdolls Clothing Line, didn't recognize the waifish, chestnut-haired tween combing through the racks of Graham's vibrant, funky garments.

To make it worse, at first, Graham and Winter's mother didn't see eye to eye on outfits.

"Her mother was saying no to garments that were still on the hanger," Graham said with a laugh. "I kept telling Ariel to try them on. Once she did, the mother liked the way the clothes looked. She said she liked that I had an...