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Antonio Banderas
Glenwood/Glenelg/Dayton: At Bushy Bear, fundraiser features pig-kissing principal

In mid-October, Bushy Park Elementary School held its second annual Bushy Bear Dash, a fun-filled day of fundraising with proceeds benefiting class assemblies, in-school field trips, curriculum advancements, and future school projects. The school goal was to raise $10,000 during this event. Principal Ed Cosentino issued a challenge to students, if they could raise $10,000, he would kiss a pig. The designated day for the Bushy Bear Dash arrived, and students not only met the goal, they exceeded the goal, raising over $12,600. While Principal Cosentino, spent the day preparing to pucker up, the students spent the day running laps and participating in scooter races, cheered on by the other...