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Anthony Bourdain
'Top Chef Seattle' recap, 'Even the Famous Come Home'
'Top Chef Seattle' recap, 'Even the Famous Come Home'

Twelve chefs remain, on 12/12/12. Ominous! We join the gang in the stew room just after last week's blood bath. Brooke is in tears, John is pouring booze. Josh is grateful he didn't get sent home for his pork dish, what with his restaurant being called "Divine Swine" and all. The next morning, Padma introduces octogenarian Grand Forks Herald restaurant critic Marilyn Haggerty, who shot to internet stardom with a review of the Olive Garden that went viral last summer. Marilyn fills the chefs in on all the amazing things she has done over the last year -- including a book deal with Anthony Bourdain. "It's just been a hoot!" she declares. She then...