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Annette O'Toole

'Halt and Catch Fire' recap, 'Adventure'

'Halt and Catch Fire' recap, 'Adventure'

Joe finds it something of an adventure to get dressed as we open this week, as he's still reeling from the beatdown he suffered at the hands of John's friends in the last episode. A music montage contrasts Joe's struggle to start his day with a carefree Cameron, who leaps out of bed in her hotel room and fluffs her hair as though she's starring in a shampoo commercial.  

Gordon and Donna are hosting Donna's parents, as Donna's dad (played by character actor Chris Mulkey, one of those "Aren't you that guy, from that thing?" actors if there ever was one) is having a birthday. Gordon seems less than enthused about this. I love Annette O'Toole as Donna's mom, who always...