Roughly Speaking: Police and protests, Monday's debate, and 'Drunk History'

Fenger Academy High School

Chicago's most violent neighborhoods brace for deadly summer

Shaquisha Gibson-Posey pulls out a grisly cellphone photo of her murdered brother whenever her 15-year-old son complains of being cooped up in the house. This is why you can't go out in the neighborhood this summer, she tells him.

Treshaun Carr takes special precautions when he walks down the street, walking only on the driver's side of parked cars so it's less likely someone can jump out and shoot him.

Miyoshi Bates was sad but relieved when her son decided not to come home from his out-of-state college when classes ended last month.

Summer is arriving in Chicago, and those who live in the city's most violent neighborhoods are bracing for what comes with it: a better...