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High Schools

Class officers elected at Reservoir High School [Fulton/Highland]

Another school year has come to a close, but not before the remaining students Reservoir High School elected their new class officers for the coming school year. The officers for the class of 2016 are Dalton Kleinhen, President; Vanessa Mancilla, Vice President; Kayla Krammes, Secretary; and, Victor LeBlanc, Treasurer. The sponsors are Lisa Carl and Marisa Willman. For the class of 2017, the officers are Brooke Saunderson, President; Josh Choi, Vice President; Cece Wood, Secretary; and Hayoung Park, Treasurer. The class sponsors are Paul Lee and Kevin Miller. And the class officers for the class of 2018 are Anthony Payne, President; Jessica Koh, Vice President; Julia Payne,...