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Virginia Tech

Washington College lockdown: A 2015 parent's worry

Washington College lockdown: A 2015 parent's worry

I am watching the clock on my computer. Wednesday, 7:48 a.m. A boy from Washington College, the boy who might have a gun, has been missing since Monday, 7 a.m. Forty-eight hours. A lifetime for a parent. A nightmare for another college community. My thoughts go from Paris to Beirut to Virginia Tech to Sandy Hook.

My middle child is a junior at Washington College in Chestertown. 7:50. I know where he is. Asleep at a friend's house several miles from campus. I have the address. If I call I'll wake him, but at least he will answer.

I check my emails for news of the missing student. 8:03. Nothing. Without firing a shot, without making any known threats, this boy has shut down a...