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Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Wedded: Mileah Kromer and Michael Madden
Wedded: Mileah Kromer and Michael Madden

Date: Dec. 28 Her story: Mileah Kromer, 33, grew up in Homer City, Pa. She's an assistant professor of political science at Goucher College. She's also the director of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center, which produces the Goucher Poll. Her mother, Bernadette Mutz, lives in Homer City, Pa. His story: Michael Madden, 35, grew up in Mountain Top, Pa. He works in finance as a senior manager at Merkle Inc. His parents, Robert and Catherine Madden, live in Mountain Top, Pa. Their story: The couple dated briefly when they were both undergraduates at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. "Like most college relationships, it didn't last," Mileah said....