As time grows short, twin hopes to find brother's body

Indiana State University

Biologists studying birds' longevity, survival, genetics

Overhead, high-pitched cackles echoed through the sky Wednesday as two peregrine falcons circled closely above the 12-story Sycamore Building in downtown Terre Haute.

The adult mates were displaying concern as biologists, donning helmets, removed three chicks from a nest box atop the structure at 19 S. Sixth St. Biologists also removed one unhatched egg.

This is the first year chicks have been born on the Sycamore Building, after the nest site was relocated there from Statesman Towers, twin 15-story academic buildings that were being demolished a few blocks away on the Indiana State University campus.

John Castrale, a non-game bird biologist who is retired from the...