'The Keepers,' pending closure shadow Seton Keough's final days

Tropical Storm Lee (2011)

A Chesapeake Bay spring

A Chesapeake Bay spring

As much of a treasure as the Chesapeake Bay might be from its wetlands to its rivers, its seafood bounty to its scenic wonder, the news about it is often far less pleasant — a sewage discharge here, eroding shoreline there and an oxygen-deprived "dead zone" in the middle. Public discussions are commonly about who is doing the worst polluting and how best to clean it up. And then there's the worrisome problem of growth, as population in the watershed increases and its impact on water quality becomes more pronounced.

Too easily lost in this flood of bad news are the signs of renewal — like the buds of May, they are modest but unmistakeable and heartening. Such is the case...