The following were taken from police reports:


•A 20-year-old Northbrook man was charged with illegal possession and transportation of alcohol, improper lane usage, disobeying a stop sign, resisting a peace officer and battery after being stopped Dec. 8 at the corner of Terri Lyn Lane and Sanders Road.

•Eighty brassieres, valued at $4,500, were reported stolen from a display shelf at a store on the 1500 block of Lake Cook Road on Dec. 6.

•An 18-year-old Carpentersville man was charged with driving with a suspended license, and possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop at the corner of Crabtree Lane and Pfingsten Road on Dec. 6.

•Fifteen dollars was reported stolen from a wallet inside an unlocked gym locker on the 2300 block of Shermer Road on Dec. 6.

•A 45-year-old Franklin Park woman was charged with retail theft after attempting to steal $400 in merchandise from a store on the 100 block of Skokie Highway.

•A 16-year-old Northbrook girl was issued tickets for possessing drug paraphernalia, driving without headlights and driving after curfew after she was stopped at 1 a.m. Dec. 5.

•Two sets of holiday lights, valued at $48, were cut on the 3200 block of Prestwick Drive on Dec. 4.

•A mailbox was damaged on the 4300 block of Forestview Drive on Dec. 4.

•A 19-year-old Northbrook man involved in a car accident on the 600 block of Pfingsten Road on Dec. 4 was wanted on a warrant issued by the Buffalo Grove Police Department for driving with a suspended license.

•A 33-year-old Northbrook man was issued citations for possession of cannabis paraphernalia and an expired vehicle registration on Dec. 4 on the 1900 block of Oak Avenue.

•An Illinois handicapped parking placard was reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle on the 4100 block of Dundee Road on Dec. 4.

•Between $1,000 and $2,000 in merchandise was stolen from a store on the 100 block of Skokie Highway on Nov. 30.

•About $300 in quarters was stolen and $2,000 in damage inflicted on one laundry room, a similar amount in damage was done to a second, and an unknown amount was stolen from a third on the 3900 and 4000 blocks of Dundee Road on or about Nov. 29.

•A 23-year-old Chicago woman was charged with felony retail theft after stealing about $500 in merchandise on the 100 block of Skokie Highway on Dec. 2.

•A 53-year-old Buffalo Grove woman was ticketed for retail theft after attempting to steal $30.94 in merchandise from a store on the 900 block of Willow Road.

•A 20-year-old Northbrook man was cited for consumption of alcohol by a minor after being stopped on the 1800 block of Thornwood Lane, and he was wanted on a Cook County Sheriff's Office warrant.

•The catalytic converter was cut from a 1998 Chevrolet while parked in a lot on the 1000 block of Skokie Highway on Dec. 1.