Hutchinson finds Jones out near the sideline and they get 5. Jones carries and he'll lose a couple. Chad throws for Wade and it's complete, but for no gain. Maynard punts and J.J. Moses returns it to the Houston 25.

Davis gains 2 and then 4 more and it's third-and-4 and that's the quarter.

Second quarter

Carr is under pressure and throws one wide and low intended for Johnson and Houston will kick. Chad Stanley shanks the punt and the Bears will begin at their own 48.

Adam: Today is the first time the Bears are letting a select few fans sit on the field. Is that some kind of reward or a punishment? I think the seats come with blankets, which is nice.

A-Train comes on and breaks away for a 13-yard gain to the Texans 39. Thomas again and he'll get 3 more. A-Train gets a yard. Chad slips going back to pass, but still gets rid of the ball, but the pass for Terrell is broken up. Paul Edinger will try a 53-yarder. Wonder if it's a fake? It is, and Edinger tries a pass and it's picked off, but Aaron Glenn is taken down near the 15. No harn done.

Adam: Oh, dear. That's going to kill Edinger's passer rating. You can't throw into triple coverge like that. I guess he was giving defensive tackle Israel Idonije a chance to make a play.

Don Criqui on CBS called him Edin-ger instead of Edin-Jer. Nice.

Carr looks for Johnson and he's double-covered and it's incomplete. Tank Johnson nailed Carr on the play.

Adam: Like the Panthers used Julias Peppers last night, I don't see that role in Idonije's future. Though, he's from Manitoba and may be the only guy who doesn't mind the weather.

Davis gets a yard and now Houston is called for a false start. From the 12, Carr tosses one to Davis and he's taken down at the 14 and the frosty crowd loves it. Stanley's punt is fumbled by R.W., but he falls on it just inside the 50.

Hey, Santa's in the crowd. From the 42 of Houston, Jones goes straight ahead for a few. Chad throws a screen to McKie and the pass is low and he can't hold it. Chad has time to throw and he finds Clark in the middle of the field to the Texans 28. Reverse to Berrian and he's going to lose a bundle back to the 38. That's a 10-yard loss. Here's a screen to A-Train and he has room and almost gets it all back. An 20-yard gain to the 18 and the Bears are a foot short. Let's see if they can hang on to the football on this drive. Oh my...false start on the Bears on Kreutz. Now it's third-and-5.

Adam: For one of the leaders of the Bears and Pro-Bowler, Olin Kreutz sure false starts a lot--in crucial situations.

Thomas carries and can only reach the 20. Edinger comes on and hooks one like one of my golf drives and we're still scoreless. That was a 37-yard attempt.

Adam: Even after the 5-yard penalty the Bears ran the same play as if it were fourth-and-inches. I'm thinking scoreless draw today.

It seems like a season-long problem for the Bears. They always make a mistake at the worst time. Even something as simple as a false start when you only need a foot for a first down. Then they run again and don't make it and miss the field goal.

Adam: Chris, the reason Criqui keeps mispronouncing Edigner's name is because the press box announcer keeps doing the same.

Carr goes to Gaffney near the sideline and Houston will have a first down. A big pickup there. Texans take a timeout. From the Bears 43, Carr and Gaffney hook up again and that's a gain of 11 more. Carr goes to pass and is forced to run and he goes out at the 31. Davis gets the call and he's gang-tackled right at the 31. Only 4 minutes to play in the half. Texans are called for a false start and so it's back to the 36. On third down, the Bears get good pressure on the QB and he fires incomplete. Houston will punt. It's a touchback.

From the 20, the Bears are called for holding after Chad completed a pass. Great. Chad is rushed and he almost falls down and he finds Terrell for the first down at the 30. Nice play by Chad. On first down, Hutchinson, running backwards, throws incomplete. Jones carries and he'll get about 4. Glad to see the Bears using Jones and Thomas. We're at the two-minute warning.

On the board on the right of this page, "a fan" wants to know if the Bears can make the playoffs if they win out. The answer is yes, but they'll need some major help.