Dante Hall takes the kickoff and returns it to the Chiefs' 38. It was a bouncing kick that didn't go very far. Screen pass to Hall on first down for no gain. Green hits Gonzalez for a gain of 3 to the 41. On third down, Urlacher blows in and sacks Green for a loss of about 6. KC punts and the Bears will start at their own 35.

Thomas sweeps left on first down, but goes no where. Stewart tries to avoid a blitz and throws incomplete. Scott Fujita was in his face immediately on that play. On third-and-10, Fujita picks off Stewart's pass and brings it back to the Bears' 35.

Holmes carries for no gain on first down and then on second down, Holmes gets tripped up after a gain of 5. On third down, the Bears put pressure on Green and he runs for the first down, but the Chiefs are called for holding. So it'll be third-and-15 at the Bears' 40. Holdman blitzes and Green throws incomplete. Nice defense on that set of downs. The Chiefs punt and pin the Bears back on their own 2. Look out here. About 4:30 left in the third.

The Chiefs are called for a penalty on first down so it's first-and-5 and the 7. Thomas carries for no gain to bring up second-and-5 at the 7. Greg Wesley picks off Stewart after a deflected pass near the sideline. Brutal. On first down at the Bears' 25, Green hits Gonzalez for 15 yards to the 10. Holmes carries down to the 6 and then loses a yard to bring up third-and-6 just outside the 6. Green hits Gonzalez, but they're short of the first down at the 2.

Bears will start at their 34 and Thomas runs up the middle for a gain of 10. The Bears are flagged for a false start and it's first-and-15 at the 39 and the quarter ends.

Fourth quarter

Chris Chandler replaces Stewart. Thomas carries and then after a 5-yard completion, it's third-and-10. Chandler throws a wobbly pass that is almost picked off near the sideline. The Bears punt and KC will start at its own 7. After an incompletion, Green goes to Gonzalez for an 11-yard gain to the 19. Derrick Blaylock carries and picks up 10. Green throws one for Johnnie Morton and Tillman bumps Morton and that's interference, giving the ball to KC at the Bears' 47. After a short run, the Bears are called for another interference call at the Bears' 35. This is getting ugly.

Now R.W. McQuarter's is called for unsportsmanslike conduct and that's 15 more yards. Green goes to Marc Boerigter in the end zone and it's called incomplete, but the Chiefs will challenge the play. Looks like Boerigter was juggling the ball as he went out of the end zone. The call stands. After a loss of a yard, Green tries again for Boerigter in the end zone and that's incomplete. Morten Andersen boots a short field goal.

Chiefs 24, Bears 3

Azumah makes a brilliant return of 44 yards to the Bears' 48. Chandler goes long to David Terrell and that's a 35-yard gain to the KC 17. On first down, Chandler throws incomplete and his pass on second down is batted away. On third down, Chandler is sacked by R-Kal Truluck and it'll be fourth-and-17. The Bears go for it and Truluck nails Chandler again and the Chiefs will take over. Wow. Ugly.

Todd Collins replaces Green at QB for KC. Johnson carries twice for 6 yards. On third down, Collins hits Morton to the Bears' 46. Under 7 minutes to play in the Bears' season and maybe Dick Jauron's tenure in Chicago. After a penalty, Collins completes a couple of throws and KC moves to the Bears' 14. On second down, Larry Johnson runs to the 5 and it's first-and-goal. Johnson starts left, reverses field and scores.

Chiefs 31, Bears 3

This one couldn't end fast enough. Following Azumah's return, Chandler hits Booker for a short gain. Fujita is called for a unnecessary roughness penalty on second down and the Bears are at their own 41. Chandler goes to Booker for a gain of 12 to the KC 47. After two incomplete passes, Chandler completes one to Booker to the Chiefs' 24. KC is called for interference, so the play stands. After an incompletion, Terrell makes a catch to the KC 18. On third down, Chandler hits Wade for a 3-yard gain. On fourth-and-one, Chandler keeps it for the first and we're at the two-minute warning.

Chandler tries for the end zone, but that pass is knocked away and then Chandler is sacked on second down. The Bears actually called a timeout here. Third-and-17. Chandler tosses one over everybody and this could be the final play of the Bears' season with 1:36 left. Chandler scrambles and throws a pass too high for Booker in the end zone and that's gonna do it. A blowout loss to start the season and a blowout to end it. Bears finish 7-9. The Dick Jauron watch is on.

Thanks for reading.

Final: Chiefs 31, Bears 3