From the Cubicle: White Sox-Tigers

Play-by-play of this afternoon's game from a girl who was just in Detroit

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Well hello. Long time no write. How's the family? OK, pleasantries done. Let's get down to business.

I was in Detroit last Sunday for my annual "Try to find the Arby's in Albion, Michigan" pilgrimage. I found it, but after waiting in line for 20 minutes without any service...I left, sans curly fries. Luckily, my afternoon picked up from there. Ford Field. Fun times.

Anyhoo, guess we should discuss baseball. I'm running a bit late today (Took forever to dry my hair. It's hard being a girl). White Sox finally won their first game of the season yesterday, behind Joe Crede's bat and Jon Danks' arm(s).

We've got Jose Contreras, the ageless wonder, on the mound for the Sox today. He was a less than stellar 0-2 with a 9.50 ERA against Detroit last season. So this should be a fun game. But hey, the Royals (yes, those Royals) swept the Tigers in the opening series. So anything is possible.

Lineups here. Miguel Cabrera is back for the Tigers after missing Thursday's game with quadriceps soreness. Or a super heavy wallet. That dude is loaded.

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Baseball shortly.


Looks cold in Detroit as Nick Swisher leads things off against Tigers pitcher Nate Robertson. Ball one. It's 41 in Detroit, with a chance of rain. Peachy. Swisher chases strike two, and it's now a 3-2 count. And he whiffs on strike three as well. One gone. Orlando Cabrera, who according to Hawk has faced Robertson nine times and has six hits, stands in there. He runs the count to 3-2 too...fouls off the next pitch...and then he too strikes out. Jim Thome gets ahold of a Robertson offering, and he has himself a stand-up double with two outs. No boos for Thome in Detroit; I'm sure they are saving 'em for A.J. Here's Konerko. Paulie takes the 2-2 pitch deep to right field, but Magglio Ordonez is there to make the catch. Yuck, Maggs still hasn't cut his hair.

No score.

How is it baseball season already? See, even the birds are confused. Clete Thomas leads off for the Tigers. Seriously? I have never heard of this dude. He looks about 15. Clete (seriously?) has himself a lead-off single. Oh, that Clete Thomas. He played for the Erie SeaWolves last season. I'm all squared away now. Here's Placido Polanco. Polanco hits it to Juan Uribe at second, but he misfires the throw to second...and everyone is safe. And that's an error on Uribe, who I'm told plays second base now? Gah, I really should start paying attention to this baseball thing. Here's Carlos Guillen. Full count to Guillen, and Contreras walks him. Bases loaded, no outs for Ordonez. Sigh. Ordonez hits a grounder to second on the first pitch and Uribe converts the double play. But Clete scores from third, Tigers 1-0. Polanco moves to third. Miguel Cabrera is up. Runs the count to 3-2 before fouling off a few more. And then Contreras walks him. That's 22 pitches thus far for Jose. Not good. Here's Edgar Renteria. Former St. Louis Cardinal right? Renteria strikes out on four pitches (one foul ball). Well done.

Tigers 1-0.


Oh joy. Tyler Hansbrough was named AP college basketball player of the year. You know, he does everything way harder and way better than everyone. Everything. He bugs me. Jermaine Dye leads things off this inning. Swings at the first pitch, right back to the pitcher, Robertson makes an ugly throw to first for the out. Very low throw, nice pickup by the first baseman. One gone. Here's AJ. He smacks it throw the hole at second for a stand-up double. Carlos Quentin smacks the first pitch he sees for a homer over the left field wall. White Sox 2-1. Guess Ozzie was right about his team against lefty pitchers. That's why he gets paid the big bucks. Here's Joe Crede. Tall socks for him. And a strikeout for him; he whiffs at a fastball. Two outs. Juan Uribe is up. And oh my, he doesn't swing at the first pitch. He swings at the second pitch though, and grounds out to SS.

White Sox 2-1.

No San Antonio for Amanda. Couldn't get the time off work. Besides, I'd rather cubicle with you folks. OK, that's a lie. Ivan "Don't call me Pudge, I've lost weight" Rodriguez is first up. 0-2 count, then one ball. He hits the next pitch to the fence in LF for a double. It was "a cookie," according to Hawk. Sure. Here's Jacque Jones. When did the Tigers get him? Wasn't he just on that Northside team? I am so confused. Adam tells me it happened in the offseason. Thanks. 0-2 count for him, then he strikes out. One out. Brandon Inge. 0-2 count for him (I see a pattern!) and then he chops it to SS for the second out. Clete Thomas strikes again, as he singles up the middle to score Rodriguez from third. Tied 2-2. Polanco stands in there. Thomas steals second on the 2-2 pitch, throw is just a bit late. CLETE (shakes fist in the air)! Polanco then grounds it to Cabrera at shortstop, nice throw for the third out.

Tied 2-2.






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