Welcome to the final installment of "Bear with us" this season. I'll be on vacation next week and fortunately will miss the final game of the season against Tampa Bay. Let's get to it.

First quarter

The Bears will start at their own 20 after the kickoff went through the end zone. On first down Chris chandler dumps it up the middle to Leon Johnson for a few yards. ... Chandler then unloads to a wide-open Dez White way down field for a 76-yard touchdown pass and that barely woke Pat Summerall up. Nice play-action by Chandler.

Bears 7, Panthers 0

The Panthers feature Dee Brown heavily on their first possession and don't really get anywhere. A "head slap" penalty on tight end Wesley Walls moves them back 15 yards and basically puts an end to the drive. Here comes former Bear headache Todd Sauerbrun. Wonder if he's still going with the "Hang Time" license plates.

The Bears start just inside their own 20. Leon Johnson picks up about 5 yards on a straight ahead dive. And then is bottled up after a yard trying to go the outside. ... On third and 6, the Bears throw 3 yards to Johnson. That's more like the Bears we know. And out comes current punter Brad Maynard.

Rosevelt Colvin drags Brown down for no gain. ... Rodney Peete connects with Walls for a few and then Nick Goings breaks through the line for the first down. But the Bears defense stops them on as Summerall rambles on about his chiropractor. "Hang Time" comes on for another punt.

A friend writes in to ask if droning Pat Summerall could be any enthusiastic. No. Any less would be comatose. You get the feeling he's calling this game sitting down, leaning on an elbow.

Johnson runs for a few up the middle and Booker catches a short pass. Chandler then sails one to tight end John Gilmore for about 20 yards across midfield. ... A reverse to Ahmad Merritt backfires as the exchange is botched and Carolina falls on the ball.

Brown gets nothing on first down and then Peete twice throws incomplete and the Panthers will punt again.

After the touchback the Bears start at the 20 and rookie back Adrian Peterson picks up a yard. ... Chandler finds Gilmore over the middle for a short gain. ... Chandler tries to force it in to Johnson over the middle but it's broken up and the Bears will punt.

Second quarter

Carolina is getting nowhere by running Brown and a couple of short sideline patterns. ... But then Peete hits Steve Smith on a crossing pattern and he's gone in the open field. Jerry Azumah catches up to and slows Smith at the 10 and Mike Green takes him down inside the 5. Rookie Ro Williams was covering Smith on that play and really got burned. ... On first and goal, Brown scores.

Bears 7, Panthers 7

Merritt breaks a nice return out to the 40. But Chandler is sacked on first down by Al Wallace for a loss of 17. ... Chandler is hit as he throws and the ball goes straight up in the air and finally caught near the slideline by Peterson. The Bears are called for holding on the play but the Panthers decline. ... Now Carolina blitzes and Chandler is sacked near the goal line. The Bears went backwards 40 yards on that possession. Maynard punts and the Panthers will take over around midfield.

The Panthers go three and out but Merritt mishandles the punt and Carolina recovers at the 10. ... Peete finds Muhsin Muhammad, who fights his way to the 1. ... Peete fakes to Brown, rolls right and then has to throw it away. ... Brown scores his second touchdown of the day.

Panthers 14, Bears 7

Picking up where they left off the Bears can't move the ball. ... Johnson runs for nothing and then Chandler is pressured and nailed again. He's flagged for intentional grounding and has trouble getting up. Henry Burris is up and talking to John Shoop. Chandler is coming out with a bad shoulder and here's Burris. Burris rolls right and then throws left to no one. The Bears will punt.

Carolina can't go anywhere either. Alex Brown got close to Peete on third down and Ro Wiliams made a nice play breaking up the pass. Yet another punt.