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Polk County Sheriff's Office
Alpacas rescued from starvation after boom goes bust
Alpacas rescued from starvation after boom goes bust

Here, at the large-animal hospital at Oregon State University, in stalls with wood shavings on the ground, are the alpacas that look at you with those innocent eyes. They evoke even more sympathy from observers who know what they've gone through. According to authorities, they were starving to death. There are 15 that need special care, and an additional 160 that are well enough to be in outdoor pens in a field owned by the school. On this afternoon last week, Shari Bond and Jackie Glover have driven down from Tenino, Wash., to begin finding homes for the 175 emaciated alpacas that were seized by the Polk County Sheriff's Office, southwest of Portland. It's the biggest job...