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Law Enforcement
'Gotham' recap, 'Welcome Back, Jim Gordon'
'Gotham' recap, 'Welcome Back, Jim Gordon'

Good to have you back, Jim, even if your coworkers don’t agree. Jim’s on a mission to put every bad guy behind bars. But the bad guy this time isn’t the predictable super-villain or a mafia crony. Instead, it’s the most insidious and hardest to catch: a corrupt cop. From start to finish, the fast-paced “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” traces the deep-seated roots of corruption in the GCPD precinct. Jim and Harvey arrive at a crime scene in a warehouse with a body hanging from a machine. Arnold Flass, a narcotics cop you know is up to no good, is there to tell them that the victim is a low-level drug dealer. It’s a “public service...