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Trials and Arbitration
'Scandal' recap, 'An Innocent Man'
'Scandal' recap, 'An Innocent Man'

Olivia is really distraught over Jake. She’s having conflicted sex dreams about Fitz/Jake and even waking up with her out of place! Abby has decided to put aside her petty jealousies and actually be there for Olivia. She suggests calling Fitz to see if he can do something about Jake being arrested, but that won’t work for two reasons: 1) Fitz thinks Jake killed Lil’ Jerry and we all know what happened to the last person Fitz suspected of murdering Lil’ Jerry; and 2) she’s already tried that. For once, it’s Fitz who refuses to return her calls. Fitz is over at the White House, nursing his punching hand, which is red and raw from beating the mess out...