Cheerleading squad says city promised money it's now not delivering

Rod J. Rosenstein

Pa. man pleads guilty in bank robbery

Pa. man pleads guilty in bank robbery

A Pennsylvania man pleaded guilty Friday to robbing a PNC Bank in Whiteford on April 27, 2015 while demanding $100,000 - the amount he owes in restitution from an earlier bank robbery conviction. He agreed to the plea, federal prosecutors said, in return for a recommended sentence of 21 years.

Jesse Allen Burney, 34, of Harrisburg, Pa., admitted he went into the bank at 2408 Whiteford Road in Whiteford wearing a motorcycle helmet with the shield down, a tactical vest, gloves and a backpack to hide his identity. Neither the steps he took to disguise himself, nor switching motor vehicles kept him from being captured by police who followed him via a GPS hidden in the stolen...