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Drunk Driving
Maryland traffic fatalities hit 66-year low
Maryland traffic fatalities hit 66-year low

A total of 442 people died in traffic-related incidents in Maryland in 2014, the lowest number since 1948 and about half the 872 deaths on Maryland roadways in 1968, the deadliest year on record. The decline continues a steady, decades-long trend in Maryland despite motorists driving billions more miles a year and new distractions such as mobile phones becoming ubiquitous. There were 643 deaths in 2004 and 466 deaths in 2013. The drop, announced Tuesday by state transportation officials in Annapolis, included a substantial dip in fatalities related to drunken and impaired driving, which dropped to 133 in 2014 from 152 in 2013 and a five-year average of 171 from 2009 to 2013. Still,...