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Black Guerrilla Family
Killers of 12-year-old boy sentenced to prison
Killers of 12-year-old boy sentenced to prison

Confronted with the muzzle of a gang member's gun in East Baltimore, 12-year-old Sean Johnson thrust his hands in the air and called out for his mother. "Shut up, bitch," the shooter told him. The gunfire that followed, unleashed by the gunman and his brother on a warm May night in 2011, left the boy fatally wounded and three others hurt. The shooters, half brothers Danyae Robinson and Derrick Brown, had been out for revenge after an attack on a senior figure in the Black Guerrilla Family. When they couldn't find their target, they lashed out at the first people they saw. "The facts of this case chill your bones and break your heart," said prosecutor Thiru...