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Here are the best deals from the Jan. 2, 2011 Sunday newspaper ads. In this weekly write-up, I go through the coupons, grocery ads, drugstore deals and other noteworthy offers in the Sunday Chicago Tribune. If I've missed anything, I'd love to hear what you found -- email me at ckirby AT tribune.com. And Happy New Year!


There are five coupon inserts this week, I guess to make up for going two weeks with almost none. Two RedPlum inserts and two Smartsources, plus a General Mills insert. RedPlum #1 has a $2 couopn for Wisk laundry detergent (which will get it for $1 at CVS this week, see below), a buy-one-get-one-free Nivea lip care product coupon. SmartSource has a coupon for $2.25 off Finish Electrasol dishwasher detergent (Mashup Mom explains how you can use this to make money plus get free detergent tabs at Walgreens this week.) SmartSource also has a $1 off coupon for Energizer batteries, which can be used at some Targets to get free Eveready batteries (they're in the Dollar Spot and Everready is an Energizer brand), or you can use it at Office Depot as a moneymaker this week.

Parade has a $2 off coupon for Zicam.

I also found a single-page ad for Naked juice with a coupon for $1 off two 15.2 oz. juices.


Walgreens has Electrasol Finish Powerball 20-pack of dishwasher tablets for $3.49, with $1.50 Register Rewards back. So, like I referenced in the coupons section, buy it with the $2.25 off coupon from this week's SmartSource coupon insert, and you pay $1.29 cents and get $1.50 RR back -- moneymaker! This stuff has gotten top consumer reviews from multiple places and it is the only detergent that seems to work well with my cranky dishwasher, so I want to get a lot of papers this weekend and do this deal over and over. If you want to do the same, two words of caution: 1) You can't use the RR you just earned to buy the same item again. If you do, you won't get RR the second time. So use RRs from past deals, or pay cash, but don't try to roll them on the same deal. 2) Last year when this promo happened at CVS they sold out quickly in a lot of stores. Tomorrow I may actually get up early to try to get some before they're cleaned out.

Also at Walgreens, Huggies jumbo packs are $6.99, a price I never see at drugstores. Use the $2 off coupon from the 12/5 SmartSource insert (or the $3 off Pure & Natural variety if that is included in the sale) to get a pack for $4.99. If you are buying newborn diapers that come 50 to a pack, that's a dime a diaper, a good price. (But also remember the continual diaper deals on Amazon if you are signed up for Amazon Mom.)

For more Walgreens deals, see The Savings Lifestyle.

CVS holiday clearance is still 50% off this week, and particularly exciting, CVS has included toys in its clearance, even the Discovery Channel Kids toys and the mini cupcake maker (very similar to the one that was totally back ordered at Bed Bath & Beyond, and I know because I was going to be in very big trouble with my daughter if I didn't find one at the last minute at CVS on Xmas Eve!)

As far as Extra Bucks deals at CVS, we have a "spend $25, get $10 Extra Bucks" offer that will get you 32-load bottles of Wisk laundry detergent for $1 each. Here's how:

1) Get five copies of the Sunday paper. I'll be getting mine at Menards where they are $1.

2) Clip five of the $2 off Wisk coupons from the Redplum insert.

3) Buy 5 bottles Wisk for $25, and use the five coupons to bring your cost down to $15.

4) Receive $10 Extra Bucks on your receipt, making your net cost $5 for five bottles -- $1 apiece.

5) If you received a $5 off $25 purchase coupon in email this week like I did, bonus -- that would make the five bottles free!

Another not-bad CVS deal is Starbucks coffee (12 oz.) or VIA Ready Brew 8-pack for $5.99 after $1 Extra Buck. If you use the $1 coupon for coffee or the $1 VIA coupon from the 11/21 SmartSource, you'll get either one for $4.99. (If you do the coffee, check your expiration date.)


Dominick's  has a "breakfast sale" Sunday through Wednesday only, with $1.99 Dairy Glen milk (not labled hormone-free, Mashup Mom recently pointed out), BOGO fresh blackberries or blueberries, BOGO Thomas' English muffins and $1.79 General Mills cereals (Limit 4, find coupons for these in the General Mills insert out today.). Other updates (or maybe stuff I didn't notice in the Wednesday ad) buy 2 get 1 free cleaning products, and Super Price coupons fpr $1.99 Smucker's jam, Mission tortilla chips for $1.49. The Super Price coupons are store coupons that require a $10 purchase, and can be paired with a manufacturer's coupon.

Jewel-Osco does not seem to have anything new in its ad compared to the Wednesday ad.


Target is selling Uno, the card game for just $1 this week. Wow. Sadly, that's the only big deal I see -- but if you get out to a Target to check out their holiday clearance, I'd love you to snap a photo for my Holiday Clearance Watch and email it to me at ckirby AT tribune.com.

Need a pole barn? Who don't, right? Menards is offering an 11 percent mail-in rebate off everything -- even huge, expensive things, like, as the ad suggests, pole barns -- through Jan. 9.

Carson's has a savings pass coupon for an extra 10-20% off sale-priced stuff, and they're advertising their fall and winter clothes, etc., at 70% off.

Sports Authority has a coupon for an extra 10 percent off a treadmill or other equipment. (Don't do it! Think of all the used exercise equipment on the market from everyone else's failed fitness resolutions.)

Michael's has its usual coupon for 40% off one regular-priced item.

Jo-Ann hs its usual 40% off one regular-priced item coupon too.

Office Depot is offering 100% back in Rewards on letter and legal storage totes ($9.99), Uni-Ball pens ($9.99 for a 4-pack), AA and AAA Energizer batteries at $7.99 (use the $1 off coupon from SmartSource to make this a moneymaker!), 3M filing lables at $25.99, manilla folders ($5.99) and banker's boxes ($17.99).

Staples has 100% back in Staples Rewards on binders.