(Bob Fila/Chicago Tribune)

Megan just alerted me over on the Facebook Frugalista page that organic cherries are $2.99 at Whole Foods, today only. That rumbling sound you just heard was me rearranging today's schedule so I can get over there. Cherries are on the top end of the Environmental Working Group's list of most contaminated produce (No. 16), so I try to buy them organic. Problem is, you don't even see organic cherries in many stores, and when you do, expect to pay $5.99 a pound or more. All this means that although we love cherries, we rarely buy them, so YES, I'm going to Whole Foods today!

(Lucky for me, my Whole Paycheck Foods is right next to Petco, so I can claim those two free cans of cat food that Chi-Town Cheapskate just reminded me about. You have until July 10 to claim those.)

And now that I have your attention, a few more deals that have popped up while I was out at the playground watching the kids run through the fountain: