Valbuena back in lineup

Luis Valbuena grounds out Thursday in the Cubs game against Detroit. (Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune / June 15, 2012)

Red Sox fans gathered early outside Wrigley Field Friday, perhaps hoping to invade the park much like Tigers fans did the day before.

Cubs' officials were still watering the outfield grass Friday morning, hoping to re-grow grass that was browned from last weekend's concerts.

Meanwhile, Tony Campana hits leadoff and Luis Valbuena bats eighth and plays third base for a second straight day. The pitching matchup takes center stage Friday, with Ryan Dempster facing Daisuke Matsuzaka.

The lineup:

Campana, cf

Castro, 33

DeJesus, rf

Soriano, lf

LaHair, 1b

Clevenger, c

Barney, 2b

Valbuena, 3b

Dempster, p

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