Miguel Fuentes, a member of the Guardian Angels volunteer crime prevention group, explains his goal of talking with pedestrians on the Magnificent Mile today, warning them of recent muggings and crime. (Posted on July 23, 2013)

A Michigan woman who lost her iPhone in a mugging on Michigan Avenue is getting a new one from the organizers of the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon she was in town for.

"I started crying," said Tammy, the 51-year-old victim, who was back home Tuesday when she learned of the gift. "I'm like ... oh my gosh … I'm so grateful."

The robbery happened Friday night and included another visitor to Chicago, a 15-year-old girl who tried to help Tammy while she was getting robbed by a group of teens and got punched by one of them.

Christine Lock-Bachman, who works for the Half Marathon, said she saw the Chicago Tribune's story about it and told her supervisors.

"I told the people I work with at the race what happened ... right away, without any hesitation, they said: 'We’re getting her a new iPhone,' " Lock-Bachman said.

Tammy said she didn't let the robbery ruin her weekend and still had a great time in Chicago. They were even able to return a lost iPhone themselves.

Tammy said that after she, her sister Rhonda and their 70-year-old mother were robbed, they continued on with their sightseeing with Rhonda's husband Jeff. They left Navy Pier around 10 p.m. and headed to a grocery store when Jeff saw an iPhone lying on the ground and picked it up.

Jeff went to turn it over to the store worker when a woman with a child in a stroller said she had dropped it outside.

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