There have been 10 confirmed deaths related to the heat wave that assailed the Chicago area this week, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

Autopsies conducted today determined that four additional people had succumbed to this week's heat, according to the office.

Saturday night the medical examiner's office said six more cases are being investigated to see if the deaths had any connection to the heat, with autopsies expected Sunday.

In the latest confirmed cases, heat stroke was the primary cause of death for a 46-year-old woman and an unidentified man in his 30s, according to the office.

Linda Figgures of the 6600 block of South Damen Avenue in the West Englewood neighborhood was pronounced dead at 11:57 p.m. Friday at Holy Cross Hospital. The autopsy found that while heat stroke was the primary factor in her death, they listed obesity as a contributing cause.

The unidentified man was discovered on the 0 to 100 block of South Cicero Avenue in the West Garfield Park neighborhood and was pronounced dead at Loretto Hospital at 9 p.m. Friday, according to the office. The office listed heat stroke as the only cause of death.

In addition to these, heat stress played a role in the death of Pamela Dairyko, 65, of the 4900 block of West Fullerton Avenue in the Cragin neighborhood, according to the office. Heart disease was listed as the primary cause of death and heat stress was listed as a contributing cause along with a history of drug abuse.

Mark Logerquist, 53, of the 1500 block of North Pulaski Road in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood, was pronounced dead at 1:24 p.m. Friday at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. An autopsy also listed heart disease as the primary cause of his death and heat stress was listed as a contributing factor, according to the office.

The four victims added to the list Friday were:

• Carmen Mercado, 81, found unresponsive Thursday by her daughter in her apartment in the 2000 block of West Superior Street. Heart disease was listed as a primary cause of death, with heat stress as a contributing factor.

• Pat Wong, 91, found dead Thursday in the 4200 block of North Winchester Avenue. The primary cause of death was heart disease, and secondary causes were diabetes and heat stress.

• Frank Proczek, 58, found unresponsive Thursday in the 5000 block of South Western Avenue. Heart disease was the primary cause of death, and chronic alcoholism and heat stress were listed as secondary causes.

• Riley Kimble, 59, found dead on Thursday in the 1800 block of West Jackson Boulevard. Heart disease was listed as a primary cause of death, and heat stress as a secondary cause.

Autopsies on Thursday found that heat was a factor in the deaths of two men:

• Jon McCullough, 48, of the 2300 block of West Ainslie Street, pronounced dead at 1:57 a.m. Thursday. Primary cause of death was a dilated cardiopathy, a heart condition, and the secondary causes were obesity and heat stress.

• Eugene A. Burns, 55, of Maywood, died of heart disease, but the autopsy listed obesity and heat stress as contributing causes. Burns was pronounced dead at 8 p.m. on July 4.

Among the victims of the heat wave was Linda Figgures, 46, of the 6600 block of South Damen Avenue.

Figgures' nephew Dan Taylor said that she was walking out of the family's home with her mother and husband on Friday when she suddenly collapsed in their doorway.

Taylor said Figgures suffered from weight-related health issues, but they did not have any indication that the heat was affecting her.