I'm not trying to make any religious statements or anything, but I did find it interesting that I received 27 questions last Sunday alone. So either Bulls fans maximized their holy day of rest by tossing in a question to boot or you think this team needs divine intervention.

Either way, here's another installment of our weekly feature. Thanks for all your great questions and we'll do it again next week.

In order for the Bulls to have cap space in 2010, they have to renounce the rights to Ben Gordon and Drew Gooden next year. Losing those two will put the Bulls in the bottom 10 of the league. What top free-agent would want to play for them? It probably would never happen but what if the Bulls traded Larry Hughes for Eddy Curry? The Bulls finally will have someone who would demand a double team down low and leave their jumpshooters open. If Lebron bolts in 2010, a lineup of Curry, Gooden, Deng, Gordon, Rose and a deep bench would allow them to dominate the Central for years to come. -- Nadir; Smithfield, Va.

Other than the fact Eddy Curry is out of shape, refuses to take the DNA test that general manager John Paxson requested he take to rule out cardiomyopathy in his heart and would clog the middle for Derrick Rose, it's a great idea. I love Curry the person. Post 2004-05, I'm not as in love with Curry the player.

Why does Eddy Curry not play at all on the Knicks this year? Even when they are down to seven players, he gets no court time. -- David Littlewood; Omaha, Neb.

It's the "Eddy Curry" installment of Ask K.C. I love it.

Um, Mike D'Antoni likes to run, play up-tempo and use halfcourt sets that feature plenty of ball and player movement. Curry is a stationary, occasionally gifted post player who has trouble with conditioning.

You do the math.

Everyone seems to agree -- the Bulls need a scoring big man to augment the current frontcourt. Could they work a deal with the Knicks to get Eddy Curry back? Since he has been riding the bench this season, they may trade him for cheap. -- Bruce Rockwell, Oak Park, Ill.

I seriously can't believe the ECity love this week. And Eddy might be one of my favorite Bulls I've ever covered personally. But repeat after me: Curry on the Bulls won't happen.

Why do former Bulls players play better than they did with the Bulls? Is there a Jordan Curse now in Chicago? -- Paul Finan; Morristown, N.J.

If so, Eddy Curry is testing it. And, man, I'm going to have to clip and save this week's installment for Curry!

Are the Bulls looking to ever make a good trade? It seems Paxson never wants to take a risk. There are at least two guards on the roster that don't want to be there, so why doesn't he just make a move? Even if it is for cap room it's better than having a crowded, unhappy backcourt. -- Jordan John; Burke, Va.

Find me the team that will take Larry Hughes for salary cap space and I'll show you a John Paxson trade. Plus, Hughes' expiring deal actually becomes more attractive next season, either for the cap relief it affords the Bulls or possibly for a trade with a team that is sizing up the free-agent class of 2010 and offers something valuable.

Ben Gordon can't be traded without his consent this season.

Look, I'm no John Paxson apologist, but let's analyze the two "misses" everybody hangs on him. He arguably made a better offer for Kevin Garnett -- Tyrus Thomas, Deng, a No. 1 pick -- the summer before Minnesota finally decided to trade him. At that time, Kevin McHale said Garnett wouldn't be traded. He refused to include Deng for Pau Gasol, a move that, at the time, most Bulls fans supported. When he then offered actual players for Gasol the following season, Memphis made it clear it strictly wanted expiring contracts.

You can fault Paxson for stuff -- Thomas over LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy, signing Ben Wallace, etc. -- but I've never understood the heat he gets for "missing" on Garnett and Gasol.

And don't get me started on the Kobe Bryant rumors because those were never even close.

Sounds to me like you're making a whole lot of excuses for keeping Thabo nailed to the bench. Sure he was miserable at the start of the season, but so was Ben Gordon the last few years and the coaching staff didn't quit on him. Thabo can play multiple positions and is certainly the best defensive guard the team has and, with his contract, one of their only movable assets. Besides, the last time he played (I think it was back in '93 backing up Cliffy "Good News" Levingston), he played very well. He's a talented athlete suffering from an overabundance of guards and perhaps, the coach's refusal to take on his vets (read that L. Hughes) who wins you one game and loses you two. -- Doug, Chicago