Newly drawn district lines in Carroll have changed the landscape of the county's House and Senate representation.

The legislature reshaped district boundaries to align with the 2010 U.S. Census. The boundaries essentially funneled most of Carroll's House of Delegates representation into District 5. A portion of Carroll falls in District 4, which is mostly Frederick County, and a portion falls in the largely Howard County District 9A.

Five Republicans are running for House of Delegates District 4, and voters can select three candidates in the June 24 primary to move on to the November general election. One Democrat is running unopposed. Two Republicans are running for the state Senate District 4 seat. One will move onto the general election, and face the one Democrat running for the seat. One Republican is running unopposed for state Senate in District 9 and will face one of the two Democrats vying to for the spot in the November election.

Five are vying to become a District 9A delegate with two remaining on the November ballot. The two Democrats will automatically move on to the general election. 

Since District 4 and 9A House delegates and District 4 and 9 senators only represent a sliver of Carroll, the Times asked candidates how they will balance Carroll's needs with those of their other jurisdictions?

House of Delegates District 4 Republicans

Kathy Afzali: I always have thrown myself 100% into my Delegate job. Mount Airy will be a new addition to my district and if I am so honored to be re-elected I will be responsive to my constituents here. When I ran for Delegate the first time I was so frustrated by the lack of information that I would received from my Delegate at the time. Between my newsletters and mail, I think my constituents know their Delegate and I know them.

Barrie Ciliberti did not respond to multiple calls and emails. 

Wendi Peters: Voters throughout District 4 share similar concerns. In talking with them, I am hearing concerns about taxes, jobs and economic growth, overreaching government, protecting our agriculture community, ensuring a quality education for our children and preserving our constitutional rights. As Delegate, I will represent all of the citizens of the District, just as I represented all the citizens of Carroll County and Frederick County living in Mount Airy.

Kelly Schulz: There is no doubt that being a part of two delegations will result in more work. However, the issues in Frederick and Carroll counties are very similar. A major part of my current role is to work closely with the agricultural and business communities. I believe my experience over the past 4 years has helped me to fully understand the issues in their entirety, not just specific to one jurisdiction. Carroll County residents are not being harmed by a larger delegation. Over the past 4 years, I have understood my role in working with the Frederick County commissioners. The delegation is charged with advocating for the issues that are vetted through an extensive public process. Once the delegation receives those proposals, it is their obligation to act on the County's behalf. In my opinion, the more legislators that you have representing those interests, the better off the county will be.

David Vogt III: From traveling around Carroll and Frederick Counties over the past several months, I have heard the needs and concerns of the citizens of both counties. Overwhelmingly, I have heard people say that they want and need lower taxes, fewer regulations, and more freedom. I will always strive to be an available, responsive, and proactive representative of every single one of my constituents, and I will fight for the needs of every single one of you, without compromising my conservative values.

House of Delegates District 4 Democrat

Gene Stanton: What Annapolis needs to understand is that our rural counties have needs just as great as our urban counties do and that we cannot afford to ignore any part of our state. As a resident and state representative of a rural district I will fight everyday for the needs of our citizens. This is the main reason that we need to elect members from both parties in rural areas to fight for the needs of all of our citizens on both sides of the aisle. We need to send a few moderates of the majority party like myself to the Legislature, so our area is represented when the state budget is crafted. We can't all be on the outside looking in, or our area will never get its fair share.

Senate District 4 Republicans

David BrinkleyThe same way I always have. I meet continuously throughout the year with my Carroll County constituents. I maintain strong ties to the business and education communities, and I have a large number of individuals in a variety of groups, throughout my District, that I count on for regular updates on priorities and needs. I have proven over the last decade that splitting my time and focus between two counties does not negatively affect either, in fact it strengthens the bonds, and I have had the opportunity to inject conversations and insights learned in one county into solutions for the other county.

Michael Hough: Carroll and Frederick Counties (District 4) are conservative, and they deserve a conservative Senator. Over the course of the campaign I have spoken to thousands of voters in Frederick and Carroll Counties and they want similar things like lower taxes and a Senator who will fight the far left government in Annapolis.

Senate District 4 Democrat

Dan Rupli: The 4th District is situated mainly in Frederick County, with a small corner in Carroll County. I believe that the key issues that have inspired me to run for this office are the same in both places. I want to do significant work to ensure educational excellence in both Counties by first introducing and passing the Tennessee Promise in the Maryland State Legislature to ease the cost burden of going to college or trade school. I want to preserve from over development the wonderful lifestyle and agricultural heritage of this entire area by adopting smart growth standards that would allow reasonable, well planned growth, without destroying our beautiful green and open spaces. I would want to support and initiate property tax reforms that would ease the burden of our senior citizens who live on fixed incomes, so that they can remain in their homes after retirement.

House of Delegates District 9A Republicans