'The Keepers,' pending closure shadow Seton Keough's final days


Here's what's up in Indy

Here's what's up in Indy

"This is not the city I grew up in," said Alyssa Starr Newerth, director of advancement at Indy Reads Books, a locally owned bookshop. "So much has changed. People love this city so much now — you can feel it."

There is a feeling that Indianapolis is in the midst of great change. It's not the bumpkin that uninitiated Chicagoans might expect. It feels progressive — some might even say hip — from a larger-than-life Kurt Vonnegut mural overlooking his hometown to "PUPstops" (developed by People for Urban Progress), which are salvaged and refurbished Bush Stadium Seats placed at city bus stops. Though well known for sporting events (Indianapolis 500,...