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Tide Point Waterfront Park
Giving thanks for buses, birds, songs and squash
Giving thanks for buses, birds, songs and squash

Let us bow our heads and join hands, my friends, as we gather around the table to give thanks and praise. On this Thanksgiving 2014, we should all feel blessed. And if not blessed, at least grateful. If not grateful, at least mildly appreciative. And if not mildly appreciative, please sit still, keep your pie-hole shut and your hands off the walnuts. The rest of us must take stock. I'd like to send some thanks to all those people who work tirelessly for others. That means several thousand people in Baltimore, but let me name a couple: Sheila Helgerson at Earl's Place, the transitional home for homeless men in East Baltimore; Don Riesett, who ran a writing workshop for the...