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Rosemary E. Allulis, lawyer
Rosemary E. Allulis, lawyer

Rosemary E. Allulis, a lawyer and world traveler who was also a photographer and musician, died Tuesday of liver cancer at her Villa Cresta home. She was 52. "She was a genius. She had a fast mind and was such a good writer," said Sidney Friedman, a partner in the Pikesville law firm of Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman, where Ms. Allulis had worked since 2008. "Whenever you gave her an assignment, she immediately turned it around. She was so good she could have clerked for a Supreme Court justice," he said. The daughter of a mechanical engineer and a homemaker, Rosemary Elizabeth Allulis was born in Baltimore and raised in Ellicott City. After graduating from...