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John Cena returns to reclaim 'his' spot on SmackDown

John Cena returns to reclaim 'his' spot on SmackDown

There's a funny thing that happens whenever John Cena returns from an absence. It doesn't matter whether it's becuase of an injury, an outside endeavor, or just a storyline. But, pretty much always, the second he returns, he gets put into the highest-profile match possible. Cena returned to SmackDown on Thursday night and, yet again, history repeated itself. 

AJ Styles came out to kick off SmackDown, and declared himself the “champ that runs the camp.” Lame tagline aside, it was a cool moment for fans who had been waiting to see that for a while. And then Cena came out. Cena, with an all-business attitude, said that he was back, and he was going after something...