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Ring Posts: Roman Reigns gets some revenge on 'RAW'

Ring Posts: Roman Reigns gets some revenge on 'RAW'

After getting cheated out of the WWE World Heavyweight Title on "RAW," Roman Reigns got revenge not just against Sheamus, but against his new crew as well.

Reigns came out to confront Sheamus and Triple H at the beginning of the night. As Reigns demanded his rematch, Triple H backed down, saying that he'd only get his rematch when Triple H said so. As Triple H moved away, keeping Reigns' attention, the returning Rusev attacked Reigns from behind. Sheamus then made his move, attacking Reigns. Triple H made the rematch for the title official for TLC, and then put Reigns in a match with Rusev later in the night.

The match on "RAW" was exactly what you'd expect...