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Ring Posts: Cena vs. Cesaro highlight RAW

Ring Posts: Cena vs. Cesaro highlight RAW

At Wrestlemania, WWE seemed determined to elevate the mid-card titles from the purgatory they were in. Monday was the pinnacle of that experiment, as the US title was defended in the main event in a 30-minute Match of the Year candidate. John Cena once again defended against Cesaro. Interestingly, Kevin Owens came out first, enraged after his loss of the NXT title to Finn Balor over the weekend. Once Cesaro came out, though, Owens yielded his shot to him, backing away. The two put on a match that topped the previous week's classic, lasting a half hour and allowing both wrestlers to really show their arsenal. Surprisingly, at no point did Owens get involved during the match, and...