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At Ultracon, not your average G.I. Joes

At Ultracon, not your average G.I. Joes

When the toy and comic-book convention Ultracon assembles at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center this weekend, its founder, Irving Santiago, will hold the biggest vendor's booth of all, displaying 4,000 G.I. Joe action figures. The Miami Gardens toy collector says the past 35 years spent building up his plastic army through hobby stores and conventions have taught him how to organize conventions of his own. But learning was, well, half the battle. "I used to have 14,000 figures. The Cobra Terra Drone in 1986? I have 11 of those. I'd take four or five of those to toy conventions in the '90s, and oh, my God, they would be worth so much money,...