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Catonsville High holds 20th annual edible art show
Catonsville High holds 20th annual edible art show

Playing with your food was encouraged at the 20th annual Edible Art Show Tuesday night in the cafeteria of Catonsville High School. Masterpieces made of candy, Rice Krispie Treats and even broccoli covered the cafeteria tables as hundreds paid the admission fee of 1$ or a canned food item to view more than 100 entries at the event. Works of art varied from interpretations of Claes Oldenburg's Pop Art sculpture "Apple Core" made of Rice Krispies Treats and fondant, to a delicate pond made of fruit and Jell-O with swans carved from apples. Other works included: a severed head made of Rice Krispies Treats, Fruit Roll-Ups and gummy worms; the head of Medusa created with...