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Cut worthless 'L.A. Slasher' from any might-see list

Cut worthless 'L.A. Slasher' from any might-see list

Centered on a serial killer who preys only on pop media stars created by the entertainment industrial complex, "L.A. Slasher" gives the impression that writer-director Martin Owen filmed it off a particularly misanthropic and juvenile one-page script treatment rather than a complete screenplay. As if the story hasn't evolved since the pitch meeting, its characters still go by antonomasias — the reality star (Brooke Hogan), the heiress (Elizabeth Morris), the socialite (Korrina Rico), etc. — rather than names. Unsurprisingly, they are mere archetypal caricatures rather than fleshed-out human beings. The film has only disdain for the murder victims, and revels in...