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Dangers of sniffing glue highlighted by state medical examiner [50 years ago]

As taken from the pages of The Aegis dated Thursday, June 11, 1964: Glue sniffing was in the rise in Harford County among people ages of 13 to 17. Dr. Henry Freimuth, a toxicologist from the office of the Chief Medical Examiner, furnished the following information relating to the habit of glue sniffing. The practice of glue sniffing is a means of obtaining a cheap high. Most sniffers fail to realize the practice could be habit-forming and may cause harmful after effects. Drowsiness, stupor and unconsciousness may follow. Sometimes the subject can remain unresponsive for periods of an hour or more. The glue sniffer frequently has no memory of his or her actions. Dr. Freimuth said,...