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Bel Air girl receives gift of 'Miracles from Heaven'

Bel Air girl receives gift of 'Miracles from Heaven'

A Bel Air girl, who has the same rare disease as the heroine in a new movie, "Miracles From Heaven," was given a free screening of the film from Sony Pictures and a limo ride to Regal Cinema in Abingdon, where she was joined Thursday night by her classmates.

Mickey Brietenback, mother of 14-year-old Macey, had been shocked to learn the young girl in the movie "Miracles From Heaven" suffered from the same digestive disorder as her daughter.

Macey was born with intestinal pseudo-obstruction, a smooth-muscle disorder that severely inhibits digestion and can cause malnutrition, bacterial overgrowth and weight loss, according to the National Institute of...