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Martek Biosciences Corporation
Martek Biosciences part of Dutch conglomerate's vision
Martek Biosciences part of Dutch conglomerate's vision

Wearing a purple-and-white tie and a gray suit, Feike Sijbesma, head of Dutch multinational conglomerate Royal DSM, was whisked from meeting to meeting at the Columbia headquarters of Martek Biosciences Corp. on a recent weekday. He had spoken to the entire company, a couple of hundred Martek employees. He had met with top executives. Somewhere in between, he squeezed in lunch. Several times before, Sijbesma had visited Martek during the 15 or so years the two companies had done business together. But this month was the first time Sijbesma had come to the Maryland campus as the company's new leader. In February, Royal DSM bought Martek for $1.1 billion. The deal was a huge success...