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Rockwell Collins Inc.

Annapolis-based aviation firm Arinc sold for $1.39 billion

Annapolis-based aviation firm Arinc sold for $1.39 billion

Rockwell Collins' $1.39 billion acquisition of Arinc likely will have some impact on the aerospace technology firm's 900 Anne Arundel County employees, but what that might be remained unclear Monday.

Rockwell Collins Inc. announced Sunday that it would buy Annapolis-based Arinc Inc. from the Carlyle Group to diversify and complement its aviation technology business.

Some corporate functions are expected to be consolidated, said Cindy Dietz, a spokeswoman for Rockwell, which is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

"It's really too early to say what that will mean in terms of jobs in any one location," Dietz said.

Such acquisitons typically result in some layoffs...