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Victor "Vic" Turyn, Md. quarterback
Victor "Vic" Turyn, Md. quarterback

Victor "Vic" Turyn, a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation and Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond official who had been an outstanding quarterback at College Park in the late 1940s, died Aug. 11 of heart failure at his Ellicott City home. He was 91. Victor Turyn was born in McRoberts, Tenn., to immigrant parents. His father, Jan Poltorovski was from Poland, and his mother, Anna Zablocki Poltorovski, was from Russia. "None of the family members know why immigration officials changed Jan's name to John Turyn, but they believe this was the way many immigrants in the 1900s received their Americanized names," said a daughter, Kathleen "Kathy" Stempkovski of...