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M.J. Brodie
Plank says city must lose 'chip on our shoulder'
Plank says city must lose 'chip on our shoulder'

On sunny days, the harbor sparkles as Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank looks out from his Tide Point corner office. Across the water, he can see Canton and Fells Point, where his development firm is turning Recreation Pier into a 128-room hotel. Plank wants Baltimore to see itself as he sees it from his office — brimming with potential. About 18 years after founding the rapidly growing sports apparel and footwear company here, Plank said Baltimore needs to shed its collective self-image as a second-string city. The city's sometimes bleak sense of itself is at odds with the relentless optimism of Plank, who keeps a whiteboard in his office filled with such aphorisms as...