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Kicking 'Bubble Butt' and taking names

Kicking 'Bubble Butt' and taking names

In an industry that often celebrates artists' antics over their artistry, Walshy Fire is an anomaly. The DJ wears no bling, and you won't catch him onstage in a mask or costume. A good night for him is not spent wilding out, but hanging out with friends. The 37-year-old is a mainstay on the Miami scene, having sold mixtapes as a kid on South Beach, graduating from North Miami Beach Senior High School, performing in the Miami-based Chinese-Jamaican group Black Chiney and DJ'ing for the Miami New World Symphony. While he's not into flash, Walshy Fire is the face of Major Lazer, a three-piece dance group that is blowing up in clubs for the popular, grinding number...