Roughly Speaking: Police and protests, Monday's debate, and 'Drunk History'

George Soros

America's homegrown radicals: the alt-right

America's homegrown radicals: the alt-right

Recently, while doing research for a book on Islam in the U.S., I stumbled upon a YouTube channel by a user who is known as "Black Pigeon Speaks." With about 121,000 subscribers and more than 8 million views, the channel uses its online platform to rail against immigration, Islam, feminism and liberalism. Its target audience is primarily made up of right-wing conservatives in the U.S.

I focused on the channel's viewers and their comments; I wanted to know what this online crowd thought and believed. By the time I was finished reading, I was gravely disturbed.

A video about George Soros, an American Jewish billionaire and philanthropist, blamed him for the European...